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The answer is very simple


in almost thirty years of experience I have had the opportunity to get to know and learn different disciplines from the world of gastronomy, such as traditional cuisine, bread-making, pastry.


In our sector as in many others, the foundations are fundamental, but in the nature of the human being there has always been the desire to evolve, and to know, so thanks to the studies I have done and the experience in the field it is simple understand that the sectors mentioned above are commonly related to each other.


Not only because they are part of the world of gastronomy, but because the ingredients and the physical and chemical reactions are the same in every sector, I give you a trivial example, just think of Maillard's reaction, we see this process when cooking a pan of Spain, takes place in the cooking of a rib or on a form of bread ...


The study and knowledge of this matter, allows me today to deal not only with cooking, traditional pastry and bread-making, but also with being able to work in the world of "molecular" gastronomy, with being able to create recipes from the three environments, with techniques and last generation.


So this knowledge allows me to be able to operate in these sectors. More and more the chef figure must be seen as a multifaceted and competent figure, with this I do not mean that you have to be a "wholesaler" rather you have to be wary of such people.

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