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Food creator

The experience gained in the knowledge of raw materials and their behavior during the use phase, allows me to find innovative and supportive solutions in the creation of new recipes and products, in the rationalization of standard and latest generation cooking processes.

Thanks to my research and development laboratory , equipped with advanced machinery, I can carry out many tests and product tests.

In recent years I have collaborated with important companies where I have created products for the "molecular" kitchen, mixtures for Gluten free products and allergens.

Consulting and startups

In the world of catering, operating and management problems are increasingly encountered , often caused only by inexperience and by the lack of standardized and certified procedures.

I can help you in developing business plans for the opening or renewal of restaurants and Ho.Re.Ca activities with a careful and expert eye on organization, staff management and analytical food cost.

An organized and functioning restaurant will allow you to develop a gastronomic offer that will give identity to your restaurant. I will support you and help you draw the necessary guidelines to create a unique and successful menu.

I am able to support you and follow you step by step from the design of a new concept , to the study up to the start-up of a business.

I can help you in the redesign of a kitchen, a change of management or for the revitalization of the kitchen of an already existing restaurant, thanks to my experience as a former owner of restaurants and hotels and now as an entrepreneur.

In order to work and standardize the work well, I devised my own method: RAB

You will find some examples on the next pages.

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